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The Outdoorsy Way To Play

little girl in field

Don't tell them about the world, show them.

why the out pack?

If, like us, you're not keen on single use plastic, tat or things the kids wont really be interested in, this is the bag for you.

We've worked to ensure that anything plastic is durable and will last.

Anything paper or wood is recycled or ethically sourced. 

It's not much good showing kids an environment to love if we don't look after it in the process, right?

Skill set

Being outside with children promotes and develops a lot of positive skills.

Some of the key ones are: teamwork, communication, kindness, problem-solving & respect.


Children learn through play and experience, so they will of course learn with The Out Pack. After a trip or two they'll be reading maps, identifying all the trees & grabbing you a dock leaf after the nettles get you! 

Children love to use the knowledge they've worked hard to take in; they'll really thrive using The Out Pack.

Inclusivity & Equality

We don't believe in paying extra for a level playing field. If you would benefit from a Sunflower Lanyard, use code SEND20 to receive one for free with your order.